Christmas Trivia Quiz


  1. According to the Bible, how did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?
  2. What was a manger?
  3. According to the Bible, what kind of animals were in the stable where Jesus was born?
  4. What was Frankincense?
  5. True or false: The Bible says Mary had Jesus the same evening they arrived.
  6. How many Wise men came to see Jesus?
  7. Where did the Wise men find Jesus and how old was he at the time?
  8. Were the Wise men kings from the East?
  9. Where did the Wise men see the Star?
  10. What town was the home of Jesus when the Wise men arrived?
  11. True or false: The immaculate conception of Mary speaks of Mary being a virgin when she conceived Jesus.
  12. True or false: Mary was a virgin all of her life and only bore one son, Jesus.
  13. Jesus had how many half brothers and sisters and what were his brother's names?
  14. Jesus was what relation to John the Baptist?
  15. John the Baptist was how much older than Jesus was?
  16. Who were the four women in the genealogy of Jesus? 
  17. Why did God include women in His genealogy?
  18. What is the meaning of the name Jesus, given by God for the baby?
  19. What is the meaning of the name Immanuel?
  20. Where is the prophecy found in the OT that prophesied over 800 years before Jesus birth that He would be born of a virgin and be called Immanuel?
  21. In the Bible, do angels ever appear in the feminine form?
  22. True or false: The angels sang to the Shepherds.
  23. Were Mary and Joseph engaged or married at the time of Jesus conception? 
  24. True or false: Baby Jesus had a glowing halo. 
  25. True or false: Joseph considered divorcing Mary when he learned of her Pregnancy? 
  26. Why would Joseph need to divorce Mary if they were only engaged?
  27. True or false: The Scriptures record that Jesus did not cry while in the manager. 
  28. Were Mary and Joseph married at the time of Jesus birth?
  29. True or false: John is the only Gospel that does not contain an account of Jesus birth.
  30. True or false: Jesus was born a few minutes after midnight on December 25, 0001.
  31. True or false: There is no evidence that the innkeeper at Bethlehem was heartless.
  32. True or false: Jeremiah 10:3-4 speaks out against the practice of Christmas trees.  
  33. True or false: Mary was the mother of God.
  34. True or false: The Wise men arrived the same night as the shepherds to see Jesus.
  35. What was God’s purpose for the gifts of the Wisemen?
  36. True or false: the little drummer boy played for the new born Savior.
  37. True or false: The Second Person of the Trinity gave up the full exercise of all His divine attributes in order to become a man.
  38. True or false: God became a man in order that he might provide a way of salvation for only the Jews.
  39. True or false: The place where Jesus stayed was a wooden enclosure.
  40. True or False: God commands all Christians to celebrate Christmas.
  41. True or False: Mary and Joseph offered an offering for Jesus shortly after His birth.