Prophecy - Mystery Of The Church



The Mystery of the Church - The Gap in Daniel 9 Prophecy


God told Daniel that there would be a period of seventy sevens or 490 years from the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the time their Messiah King would usher in the Kingdom.  Daniel also mentions at the 483 year the Messiah would be cut off (crucified) followed by a short period that would involve the destruction of Jerusalem and Herod's Temple.  This would be followed immediately with the last 7 years leading up to the Millennial Kingdom.



Jesus total Nicodemus that entrance into the Millennial Kingdom would involve a heart that repented of its sins and the work of the Savior on the cross (born again - Jn. 3:16).  This why Jesus, John the Baptist, and Jesus disciples preached "repent for the Kingdom is at hand".  However Israel would not repent and so God had to put the last week of Daniel's Prophecy on hold.   While God chastised Israel to bring her to repentance, He choose to put in a temporary substitute carry forth His Gospel.  That substitute is the Church.